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Did you know that all men's wristwatches have their roots in military watches?

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Shaped by the history of war and developed through real battlefield experiences, military watches naturally have a background and history that are completely different from ordinary wristwatches.

Military watches evolved through deep involvement in real military operations and so their developments are not manufacturer-initiated. Rather, their functional characteristics and styles all reflect deeply the leadership and involvement of military operations, tactics, personnel and needs of the times.

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Originally designed for the U.S. Navy SEALs, Luminox watches continue to serve the demanding front line needs of special forces, government units, and your outdoor activities.
LED illumination, torchlight, electromagnetic induction charging system, MTM's first-in-the-world ideas have brought the concept of military watches to a new higher level.
Nite made its debut in the world of military watches as <i>the</i> timepiece issued to and used by the S.A.S., one of the world's elite special forces.
No frills, no gimmicks, solid, robust and MIL-Spec built. Traser is known by inner-circles as the "King" of military watches. Here's why.
Ultimate proof of high precision, reliability, preformance and robustness. What is MIL-Spec and what does MIL-Spec compliant military watches mean? Find out here.
Finding Direction
No compass? No problem. Finding direction is easy if you have a watch.
How to use the tachymeter on your watch
Military Watch History
Did you know that all men's wristwatches have their roots in military watches? Get the bird's eye view of the exciting military watch history here
Recommended Reading
Highly recommended reading and popular illustrated guide devoted specifically to military watches.
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