Under the toughest and most severe conditions on earth, your Luminox watch continues to emit the light of hope...

...for up to 25 years, definitely long enough to put your mind at ease when you need to know the time in the dark. Even in pitch dark environment, the self-powered illumination of the watch is indeed sufficiently bright to give you a firm sense of security.

A chance meeting, a request, and custom-made supply

Luminox watches are today used by various military organizations, special forces and government agencies worldwide.

Established in 1989 to make timepieces using the self-powered illumination technology, a chance meeting with a procurement officer for the U.S.Navy SEAL at a trade show and the subsequent request for supply launched the company from an unknown to stardom in the world of military watches.

9 months of intensive development work was spent pursuing excellent quality in ruggedness, precision and visibility suitable for use in the toughest and most unforgiving environments, and befitting the elite special force.

That was followed by another year and a half of testing under the most stringent MIL-SPEC (MIL-W-46374F) in the world, clearing the demanding requirements and passing the tests.

In 1994, the official Navy SEAL watch was unveiled.

Self-powered Light Technology

The illumination system of the watch comes from micro capsules filled with tritium gas which, unlike luminescent paint, is self-illuminating regardless of day or night

For special forces carrying out night missions as well as maintaining positions in dark environments for prolonged periods of time, such self-powered illumination system is exactly what is required.

Having passed the stringent tests and grueling conditions in real-life front line military missions, the company continues to develop a range of models based on military and outdoor themes.

The following is a sample requested-by-and-supplied-to list of organisations that use Luminox:

U.S. Navy SEAL U.S. Air Force U.S.Border Petrol
U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Special Forces U.S. Secret Service
FBI Miami-Dade Special Response Team (SRT) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)
San Francisco and Las Vegas Police SWAT Teams Heliswiss Switzerland Air Glacier, Switzerland
Christoph 2 Rettungshubschrauber, Germany Brunei Government China SWAT team
South Korea Air Force F-16 Abu Dhabi Air Force F-16 Canada Special Forces

Range of Models

Covering land, sea and air, its wide range of line-up is one of the reasons for its worldwide popularity.

Navy SEAL Dive Watch
Original series
Navy SEAL Colormark series
Colormark Chronograph series Deep Dive Automatic series (Limited Edition)
Lockheed Martin Collection
F-117 NightHawk series SR-71 Blackbird Series
F-16 Fighting Falcon Series F-22 Raptor
F-35 Lightning II


Read about the self-powered light technology recognized by the elite U.S. special operations force here

Brand information

Brand name LUMINOX
[derived from Latin: luminis (light), nox (night)]
Company L&M Swiss Watch Ltd
Country U.S.A.
Founded 1989
Made in Switzerland

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