LUMINOX Navy SEAL Dive Watch
Original Series

The coldness of real darkness, the morass of jungles, the high sea pressures under water, the stinging rays from the sun above...military combat missions frequently occur under the most severe of environments.

Even under such extreme conditions, your watch must continue to mark each passing moment accurately, never losing its ability to show you the precise time down to the second, anytime of the day or night.

The Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch 3001

was specifically created when the procurement officer for the Navy SEALs asked for a watch that could meet the above criteria and more.

It is the patriarch of all subsequent Luminous watches, and established the company's presence in the world of military watches.

The watch features tritium gas tube light that ensure constant glow and at-a-glance visibility no matter what the conditions are.

The carbon reinforced case material provides a balance of durability and light weight, and the double-security gasket crown ensures high water resistance level.

Movement: Quartz
Case material: Carbon fiber reinforced case
Glass: Hardened mineral crystal
Weight: 50g
Case diameter 44mm
Case thickness: 11mm
Water resistance: 200m/20atm

Color Variation




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