The Luminox Light Technology that's recognized by the
U.S. Special Forces

The self-powered illumination system of Luminox Light Technology was developed by MB Microtec, a Swiss company in the self-luminous chemical compound industry.

By filling micro-capsules with tritium gas, the self-powered illumination can be maintained for a long period of time, at least 10 years guaranteed and more than 20 years over its full lifespan, regardless of day or night.

Unlike phosphorescent or luminous paints which absorbs light and then re-emits it at a lower and reducing intensity over time, tritium gaseous tube light maintains a constant luminous intensity.

This technology is used in the watch hands, dial and markings on the bezel. Since there are no pushing of buttons for light activation, it is very suitable for use by the special forces that carry out many missions in the dark or under water, providing excellent visibility.

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