Redefining military watch concepts through
innovative and practical ideas

The brand name MTM simply stands for the company's name Multi Time Machine Inc. But behind the 3 simple letters is a strong innovative force that created the world's first military watches with LED illumination and torchlight, as well as the electromagnetic induction charging system to recharge the watch without the need to open the case or change the battery.

MTM watches were originally made and supplied only to special forces, law enforcement and tactical units before being made available to the public, sold exclusively by the company itself in the U.S. and internationally through screened and approved exclusive distributors.

Jack Bauer wearing the Special Ops model in the highly popular drama series 24: Season Five literally propelled the brand to international popularity.

The Special Ops Hawk model was born after several years of development with input and feedback from the elite special forces. It changed the entire military watch concept with its innovative features and quickly gained recognition and acceptance by the special forces.

Following its success, other made-for-special-ops military watch series such as Special Ops (expanded range), Military Ops, Extreme Ops, were developed, thus establishing a new chapter in the history of military watches.

All MTM military watches are designed and produced according to the stringent requirements and standards of MIL-SPEC (MIL-W-4637). Under a contract with the General Services Administration (GSA, procurement agency of the U.S. government), supply of the watches extended beyond the military to various other federal agencies and units.

Unique illumination system

The standout feature is the proprietary LED illumination system, providing both internal illumination for dial visibility and external illumination.

In the external light mode, three LEDs embedded in the 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock positions emit one of the brightest lights ever offered in a watch, visible up to 1 mile (1.6 km) in the dark and can be used for reading maps, signaling and survival in the dark.

To maintain LED power, a unique recharging system without the need to open the case or change the battery. The electromagnetic induction system allows easy recharging and lasts up to 30 days when fully charged.

Tough, Rugged, Robust

Tough stainless steel case ensures rugged dependability and heavy usage under the most severe conditions.

This brand is certainly one of the most innovative and trusted in the world of military watches that you don't want to ignore.

Flagship model: Special Ops Black Hawk

Movement : Quartz
Case : Stainless steel
Glass : Crystal, non-reflective coating
Weight : 200g
Water resistence : 100m
Case diameter : 42mm
Thickness : 13mm
Illumination : 3 modes
Recharging : Electromagnetic induction

Tough, rugged case made of 316L stainless steel. The watch itself can become a useful weapon in times of emergency.

Screwed-back with trademark dagger logo and individual serial number as proof of authenticity.

Special protective case made by Seahorse, the trusted protective case supplier to the military. Includes band adjustment tools.

Contactless charger by electromagnetic induction. 8 hours of charger last up to 1 month.


Special Ops

Military Ops


Extreme Ops

LED Light System

External Light mode

Internal Light mode

Map reading in the dark

Brand information

Brand name MTM
Company Multi Time Machine, Inc.
Country U.S.A.
Founded 1980

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