F-117 Nighthawk Series

A phone call from a F-117 Nighthawk Stealth jet pilot who participated in the Gulf War night missions gave birth to the first requested-by-and-made-for-pilots Luminox watch 3401, and kick-started the Luminox-Lockheed Martin collaboration.

The watch features sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating to ensure highest at-a-glance visibility level, and PVD (physical vapor deposition) treated case, bezel and stainless steel bracelet, giving a 2,300-3,000Hv hardness that's stronger than hard metal and high abrasion resistance.

SPECifications 3401
Movement: Quartz

Case material: Stainless Steel, PVD
Glass: Sapphire Crystal,
anti-reflective coating
Case diameter: 44mm
Case thickness: 11mm
Water resistance: 200m/20atm

Following the success of the original 3400 series, a second version of this series, the 6400 series, was created.

Retaining the exact high performance specifications, the 6400 series has a larger, bolder, more angular look to evoke the flavor of the stealth jet, striking a stronger profile in a 45mm stainless steel case.

SPECifications 6401
Movement: Quartz
Case material: Stainless Steel, PVD
Glass: Sapphire Crystal,
anti-reflective coating
Case diameter: 45mm
Case thickness: 14mm
Water resistance: 200m/20atm
6402 Blackout 6402


First stealth aircraft in the world, ground-attack aircraft of the U.S. Air Force used mainly in night missions.

Christened "Nighthawk" due to its black painted body.

Design and development undertaken by the famed Skunk Works team of Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs.

Incorporating a passive radar system that uses infrared sensor to detect ground targets, it is reported to have a above 90% hit rate. Flew close to 1,300 sorties during the Gulf War without a single loss.

Recommended readings

Lockheed F-117 Night Hawks: A Stealth Fighter Roll Call

This pictorial book is a history of the F-117 Night Hawk Stealth Fighter containing over 400 color photographs. It is a Roll Call of the F-117 with individual history and photos of each F-117.

In addition the book includes a short program history; operating locations and air force bases, production sites associated with the F-117; F-117 Units, F-117 aircraft, and information and photos of the A-7 and T-38 aircraft used to support the F-117 program.

Though the photos cover the full history of the F-117 program, many of the photos were taken in the last two years at bases including Holloman AFB, Nellis AFB, and Edwards AFB.

Nighthawk F-117 Stealth Fighter

The most in-depth Stealth fighter book that follows the development, operation, technology, testing, and history of the F-117 Nighthawk.

A special section details F-117 combat operations in Panama and the Gulf War.

From its secret origins in the classified Have Blue and Senior Trend programs, to the technical marvels it uses to mask its radar signature, the authors take you into the darkness for a close-up look at the aircraft that forever changed the face of air power.

Includes exciting narratives from the pilots who flew the first raids over Baghdad to the first test pilots who flew the aircraft over the deserts of Nevada.

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